from hive, to garden to table: how we're supporting the trust's good work

The True Honey Co. is delighted to support the Garden to Table Trust in New Zealand. We really admire the Trust’s goals and were inspired to see how many schools are taking part in the programme. We’ve also been thrilled to learn about the dedicated and passionate staff and volunteers who are changing the way children think about food, and where it comes from.

The humble bumble and honeybee are vital to our food ecosystem and us. Here at The True Honey Co. our honeybees are certainly the stars of our operation. That’s why we’re doing our darndest to look after our stripy friends. And we believe the best way we can support bee conservation is through education. So this is why we’ve teamed up with the Garden to Table Trust.

As part of our partnership, we’ve developed some learning materials that offer teachers information and activities to help their students understand about flowers, bees, pollination and honey production. We were lucky to discover Claire Velzian – a talented primary school teacher, passionate about making science and learning fun. She’s not only rather clever at creating teaching resources, but she also grew up learning all about bees and beekeeping from her father. These materials will soon be available for download alongside existing resources at Garden to Table.

So what’s next? We’re hoping some of our beekeepers will be able to visit schools and talk about what they do, and the role beekeeping plays in protecting our honeybees. As part of our partnership with Garden to Table Trust we’re also donating proceeds from the sale of every jar of The True Honey Co. Manuka honey. We’ve set our sights high and plan to make a meaningful contribution to support the Trust’s excellent work.

We also hope to inspire our newest generation to find out more about the magic of nature and especially those wonderful little honeybees.

About the Garden to Table Trust

The Garden to Table Trust was started in 2009 to develop a curriculum linked Food Education Programme with schools.

The Trust knows many kids are disconnected from nature, where food comes from and how to cook it. By connecting ‘grow, harvest, prepare and share’ the programme teaches gardening and cooking, while building awareness of environmental responsibility, healthy eating and community connectedness.